So I'm gabriella but people call me gabz.I'm 19 and actually cant wait for my future. I'm a soon to be univeristy student of counselling and psychothereapy as my dream job is to be a sexologist. I have a lovely boyfriend who goes by the name of baines and I love him lots. Just be true to who you are. Holla. ........................ ☮ ........................ Online Users

Just to remember how happy I currently am. Hes my Boyfriend, Best friend and my baines. 

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Ive made my decision and i want to become a sexologist. Im now applying for uni last minute as the deadline is wednesday and i havent even looked at UCAS. Going to be a long few days but so worth it. 

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Ola guys. It really has been a while. Just looking over all my old pictures and made me realise how much i miss blogging. But hopefully im back. Just a small update so I can look back in the future. Im happy. Best boyfriend ever coming up to ten months. Looking forward to christmas and the new year with him and his family. Love my family to pieces and still no sign of dad and dont care. College is going good but decided to sack uni off. Seen it cause many of my friends upset and im happy right now so why change it. Maybe in the future. Friends are good. Made so many new ones and got back in touch with some from school. Life is just over all good. Need to start thinking of some new year resolutions.. 

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Ann summers.

Working at mcdonalds has officially taken its toll on being the worst job ever and making me cry almost every shift because ‘i’m so miserable. So due to this i went out my way and wrote a letter to my favourite place. Ann Summers. Ive been wanting a job there for nearly over a year so hopefully they will read my letter and get back to me. Would be my dream job. 

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Tattoo done! 

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As gay as this sounds I’m going to miss my boyfriend this next week. He’s gone to download and I’m so jealous. Haven’t been apart from him for more than 24 hours in 5 months so a whole week shall be stange. On the plus side of him leaving me to listen to some of the best bands ever and get absolutely mortal, i get my next tattoo in 2 days and finally get chance to finish my college work. How life has changed in the last few months. 

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How life has changed.


Since I’ve turned 18 everything has changed for the better. Finally sorting out my fucked up body so I may be able to have children when Im older after all. Not spoken to my father in over 4months and its made me realise that I don’t miss him one bit. Lucas has come into my life and he’s the most amazing boyfriend I could ever dream of. Sophie my beautiful best friend is still the most important person in my life and without her fuck knows where I would be. Was supposed to be going to tenerife for a month with a girl who I used to call a friend but chose not to go even though I paid for it. Hey, thats how life goes. Everything has fallen into place.

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Next tattoo booked today! Start of my sleeve hopefully!

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So I go to Tenerife in a month for a month with my friend. I’m not excited one bit and to be honest I don’t really want to go. It’s funny how you can be so close to someone and make plans for the future and when it comes to actually doing those plans you hardly speak to the person anymore.

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Life is just looking great right now. Dad fucked off again which Im funnily not bothered about anymore. I have the best friends. I have someone who makes me smile. IM SEEING EMELI SANDE ONE MONTH TODAY. Being 18 is so eventful. I have a month in Tenerife to look forward to in 2months. More tattoos on the way. College looking good. Everything is just fine and dandy.

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What have I actually become?

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Ive been 18 a week and i can honestly say its been the most eventful, busy, wild, drunk, fun, amazing, sociable week of my life!

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