So I'm gabriella but people call me gabz.I'm 19 and actually cant wait for my future. I'm a soon to be univeristy student of counselling and psychothereapy as my dream job is to be a sexologist. I have a lovely boyfriend who goes by the name of baines and I love him lots. Just be true to who you are. Holla. ........................ ☮ ........................ Online Users

Just to remember how happy I currently am. Hes my Boyfriend, Best friend and my baines. 

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Ive made my decision and i want to become a sexologist. Im now applying for uni last minute as the deadline is wednesday and i havent even looked at UCAS. Going to be a long few days but so worth it. 

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So I got a new tattoo today.

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Romel de la Torre

Ola guys. It really has been a while. Just looking over all my old pictures and made me realise how much i miss blogging. But hopefully im back. Just a small update so I can look back in the future. Im happy. Best boyfriend ever coming up to ten months. Looking forward to christmas and the new year with him and his family. Love my family to pieces and still no sign of dad and dont care. College is going good but decided to sack uni off. Seen it cause many of my friends upset and im happy right now so why change it. Maybe in the future. Friends are good. Made so many new ones and got back in touch with some from school. Life is just over all good. Need to start thinking of some new year resolutions.. 

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